Review of Binance Exchange

binance review

Why is everybody obsessed with Binance? Google knows what people have been searching around the web, guys. Furthermore, it puts us on blast. So what’s the crypto currency exchange? What are the prices of the fees, Binance coins of the platform, which appeared in the middle of 2017. The one that gathered 15 millions on ICO and also came 20 thousand users together.

We are reviewing the top searches on the subject in the article; these’re merely terms, topics that the majority looked for. We can all assume every single point, whether these are a login guide, API explanation, coins or fees, but you were searching the “Binance Exchange” this year, and advanced users just Googled this platform more than anyone else.

So, if it is not for ingenues, how to make a shift in spite of not having the ideal conditions?

Basic and Advanced Trading Platform

First, you should differ 2 platforms of the latter. Each gives opportunities for web surfers, who should even be capable to get a hold of the basic platform. A candlestick chart, order books, and the trade history (if you know what that means) are on offer.

binance basic platform

You may even dream a little further forward, you know the moments possibly that you can get a better sense of the advanced platform. The depth chart of the orders is the dividing line between them. Over time, that progressive insight into the in-depth technical analytic investigation helps on putting a value on the currency, what gives the complex version the upper hand.

advanced platform of binance

Begin Trading

Even if you’re not prepared to consider this right now but please, keep reading about how to start trading. On the “Funds” page, click on “Deposits” to make replenishment in the chosen crypto-currency. Wait for getting your public wallet address, where you may send credits. Forget about verification in the phase of the process as you’d better think of the BTC, ETH, BNB or USDT to pick of. The first two options are preferred and recommended for trading.

funds page on binance

Unless you are devoted to the specific currency, you’ll be suggested to take a thought over selected currencies amid BTC, ETH, BNB or USDT. You wouldn’t be forgiven for not checking the limit and market orders, stop-limit, etc. The new feature is based on the quantity. Only 2 such orders are allowed for a trading pair at a time.

Trading Fees

Now let’s turn to reality, small doesn’t mean the fees’ absence. Though one tenth of a percentage point on each trade is the very least possible today. Considering the token, a 50% discount, on the trading fee – the figure can be decreased down to 0.05%. The free ride will have ended in 4 years only. Each year, it would be reduced to 25%, 12.5%, 6.75% accordingly. In the fees’ payment, you can avail of Binance coins (FYI: planned to be centralized over the years).

fees on binance

With the financial data for even more exposure, we think the time is right to sum everything up. For now, the platform continues providing the members with free depositing and the cheapest sums on cash outs.


Our insider shared that it’s only for a crypto-currency usage, herewith there’re no limits on replenishment. If you’re ready for cashing out, you need to know that all depends on your current level. Take for instance, the first 2 ones. The entry state permits an up to 2 BTC withdrawal per day. When looking to the future, you may decide to have up to 100 BTC cashouts a day. Right?

For that you should level up. But you’ll be given the second degree only after providing your name, gender, country, passport number/photo/ including your selfie with it (passport). Speaking of which, you need the documents for passing over the Google Authenticator or two-factor authentication. There’s nothing fancy here.

Available Cryptocurrencies

After all, the platform supplies the consumers with such currencies: Bitcoin plus BTG, BCH, Ethereum, including Ethereum Classic, Dash, Litecoin, EOS, NEO, GAS, Ripple, and Zcash! Their source tells us it suggests the currency pairs, which are traded on the daily basis in USDT, BTC, ETH and BNB. Some use it for trading the tokens. We suggest it as an option for a benefit.


Have we made the Binance Review through? Over a short period, this exchange broke the news with its possibilities, recent developments in trading, reducing fees on withdrawals, and many more. As for how it’s adjusting to life, we may describe its first months as the “progress” amid other platforms of the kind. And now you may cross that off your list of the things you never thought you’d do or understand but did anyway.