How to buy Nem

Who knew NEM (XEM)?! Before trying to launch the source code in 2015, a new feature, “Proof of Importance” algorithm technique has been implemented in the digital currency, what allowed it to take its moment on the market and in our review. First, we’d like to see into one matter. Why is our group of reviewers directing your attention to XEM? You are also curious, aren’t you?

how to buy nem (xem)

Identifying the crypto strong points, we should list – or should we cry them out? – leaving a recording trace of a transaction, which one may easily check, a minute-block-generation. And we’re just getting started! Not to mention, the team also provides a better look inside kinds of the messages you are to receive as an owner:

  1. encrypted;
  2. unencrypted;
  3. hex.

What should you do with that all? Actions speak better than words, but to experience all the benefits, you should come over to practice. And a tutorial of which we are here to suggest you.

Choose a NEM Wallet

nem walletWhile the reviewers can specify the coin forever and ever, in the real world, for newbies, the drama will begin to unfold when choosing a wallet for holding XEM. There are the desktop and mobile ones, the two have been known for keeping the money in safe. Before taking the coins out of the exchange where you get them, answer the next question.

Are you going to trade NEM now? If it hasn’t been included into your plans, you’ve got a problem – where to move the coins to before hackers make use of your greenness – and we’re here to give the instruction manual.

And don’t even struggle excepting the fact that NEM nano wallet is the best option for the mission, which isn’t the case for iOS and Android Mobile one. Nano is compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows computers.

Buy XEM on Exchange Site

So, you and we now have a major aim in common: We are both highly interested people, we are both looking for ways to obtain XEM, we share the same goal to make it the easiest, fastest and cheapest way possible, and we are both considering all the options at first.

Purchase Cryptocoins

Want to make New Economic Movement?

There have been easy and not so ways to get the money as we’ve discovered. We’d like to sort them out from the complicated to the simplest. You can purchase it directly with fiat ($ or €): i. e., Exrates exchanges provide such pairs – XEM/EUR and XEM/USD. Also, you may use credit or debit cards for the purpose.

Exchange Them to XEM

If you have BTC on the balance at some of the biggest platforms, you can avail of them on the Changelly to convert into the NEM. This website requires minimum info for starting and used worldwide by most of the people. With ETH or BTC: there are 4 large platforms to complete the exchange within one service, Bittrex, HitBTC to name a few. With BTC: also you may acquire bitcoin and trade them on another platform. Yep, some are complicated, other options are not your favorite ones, but they exist and tried already.

Keep or Withdraw NEM

buy and store nemAgain, you may leave NEM on the exchange, however, the transaction to the wallet is recommended. Actually, it took 25 minutes to complete the first action. I entered a four-digit code, they sent to me, and waited for the verification process to be completed. Later on, such transactions will take 5 minutes, as I can say, only the first one may take so long.

So, your life – your choice 🙂