Review of CEX.IO

cexio review

No one as our group of experts has collected so much information about the UK incorporated enterprise – Cex.IO. The company has made its unquestionable success, infused with falls and downs – all irresistible benefits and opportunities for members.

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Pros and Cons

But really, did any one of the founders, including Oleksandr Lutskevych start up with a rawer deal as compared to other crypto exchanges? The director Oleksandr has been a co-participant of such big projects as when he found himself the owner of Cex.IO in 2013. He started to implement all the useful features he has known from the experience. He’s ended up with the next results.

Pluses Minuses
pros of cex.ioUnique but simple interface
pros of cex.ioEasy registration procedure
pros of cex.ioMargin trading
cons of cex.ioRestrictions on payments within various countries
cons of cex.ioA bit high fees
cons of cex.ioNo longer maintains USD withdrawals

review of cexio options

Create an Account

Potential clients are thinking over joining, whereas one of our experts knows that there could be a time and one of you asks about the same – how to form up an account of your own. When that query happens, he knows just what to advise.

If the procedure goes according to the plan, you may start with a profile with basic settings to operate with BTC, you’ll acquire verified or verified plus providing more details of your personality. To prevent clients from losses, the platform collects as much data as possible. Because they give you more rights to operate with higher sums, etc. Such a risk can be justified only when they are sure about the safety and legality of your activity on the site – fair enough as to our opinions.

review of cexio registration

Corporate account promises to be a present for VIP users of the system. You’ll be getting a higher status, and no doubt more of exclusive options as the owners watch you supply them with more than just your data, two factor authentication verifying and a twenty cent charge.


The highlight of your account options will be the limits, which would be decreased, and you can receive more space for higher trading, you have been waiting for. It will raise from 500 dollar deposits up to ten thousands and more. It also relates to the withdrawals of up to $100,000 or higher you plan to perform.


That may mark the beginning of a new experience, that promises to become more beneficial than one could have probably dreamed of — although it won’t be for free. And the alarming reflection, to tell the least. The service costs over 7% out of your sum per one transaction to make secure depositing and withdrawing — and it does not involve the fees of the payment you select, varying between 3%-5%.

Payment Methods and Trading Pairs

Because while over 5 years this exchange as gotten used to being the target for people around the globe, they present a particularly wide opportunity thanks to worldwide banking mechanisms as Visa, MasterCard, Cryptocapital, wire transfer, etc. and recognition they are currently receiving for security measures.

Thus, they’re quickly becoming known as the trusted source for trading crypto currencies like btc, eth, or their pairs – BTC/ETH, DASH/USD, BCH/USD, ZEC/USD and ETH/USD – paid with RUB, USD, GBP, EUR, and more are seen as being on the front line in the business. But with increased exchange popularity comes a threat.

Margin Trading

With 1:2, 1:3 leverages, Cex.IO margin trading means that you spend more as compared to your ability to pay if using your money only. It applies on BTC/EUR, BTC/USD, ETH/USD and ETH/BTC pairs.

cexio margin trading


And here is another actuality at play. It is particularly crucial to set up 2fa, because of the crypto active scammers. Plus, as there’s racially to work under the AML/KY council aimed at security of your transactions, monitoring activities, risk appraisal and etc. This is too enormous adventure to leave it untracked.

So all the threats against you or your account moves will be accounted and secured, especially considering how many frauds have been prevented. Many people will be working on keeping you and your funds safe due to the main Anti-Fraud Policy statements.


Crypto purchases and sales are money-making operations ever to look after. Be extremely careful and sensible regarding your menu of the crypto platform. Every aspect needs to be considered. The CEX.IO review discloses that it is a much easier way to secure your funds, which are better cared on the exchange, is to leave it in trust to this limited company. Many people trying to join it. The greatest risk comes from the actions you didn’t do. We do study how the owners protect your money, so with that, much wiser is now to experience it firsthand.