Review of Exmo

review of exmo

Check the Exmo review that will take you to another level. Rumors have been swirling around Exmo developers since 2013, who had been spotted working on the project that year. They all are from Spain, Russia, India and Thailand, however, the UK, USA, including Singapore and Lithuania financial advisors are who took charge of that exchange. Well, we just want to confirm the known news: Exmo has 46 (forty-six) trading pairs, about 1,200,000+ users worldwide.

Though, it is targeting Russians and Ukrainians largely, the exchange is giving a peek in 11 (eleven) languages to people with UAH, RUB on the balance, the peek inside the site work. We noted that the site founders have been extra motivated recently (2017) for setting up a mirror site for the Russian users – in January it was shut out by the Rosskomnadzor. It was its core audience, even some sections has its language by default. Rules change and so does the platform.

Pros Cons
pros of exmoIntuitive interface
pros of exmoLive chat in 11 languages
pros of exmoThe AML policy
cons of exmoMembers’ negative feedback
cons of exmoA low maintenance of the servers
cons of exmoNo extra verification

Create an Account

In case you’ve missed the guide, it will take 30 minutes to register with Exmo. Enter your unique login and created password, the verification thru email isn’t needed to get on the profile. Meanwhile, those who add the email address can avail of the next advantages over those who refused:

  • the Wire Transfer or SEPA (bank transfer service);
  • Skrill;
  • Payz;
  • Neteller usage;
  • EUR/USD cashouts to the bank cards.

buy or sell on exmo

First, you will notice sections – “sell and buy“ – after filling in the account. Thus, you choose pairs, making some your fave ones, then check orders, history, prices. According to the information gained our experts, there are the exchange, where you change fiat currency and finance – to add or withdraw cash.

Available Payment Options

Can’t come up with a banking service? The site is waiting for your decision, and it looks like you have no idea to select bank transfers, maybe PayPal, credit, or the debit/prepaid card, and there are also OKPay, Perfect or Yandex Money, Neteller, and a great many other e-wallets to pick from.

When you opt for some mechanism though, the system will reveal the exact minimum and maximum sums eligible, and associated with the method percentage fee, varying between 1%-8%. To exclude the last, you need to make deposits in any cryptocurrency, but Kick (fee – 50KICK). It is still hard to make. You don’t know what to so, do you? Read on to know what we think of the Exmo charges and restrictions.

Fees and Limits

Now let’s discuss your potential trading fees. Your final benefit of the closed dealing would be calculated after deduction of 0.2% tax has been made. That 0.2% fee will also be canceled if the trading deal is up and it stands in your defense if something goes wrong. Focusing on deposit fees in USD (7%), or EUR (6%), and RUB (3-8%), don’t miss that inputs in crypto currency, not including USDT +SEPA+ Kick are free of the charges. Beginning with ETH-0,1, LTC-0.5, DOGE-10, BTC-0.01, and DASH-0,1 on the balance, the withdrawals begin being available for users.

cryptocurrency fees on exmo

There would be price, min/max quantity and other parameters for various pairs, instead, let’s take a look at the end lines you canв’t cross over. There are so many awkward situations that weв’re almost relieved when a member of our team suggested to put the real case on the cashout margins. Of course, BTC/USD had been chosen. It allows from 0.001 up to 100 quantity from the 1 up to 30,000 price, limited to 1-200,000 amounts. Basically, the decision still rests with you though.


It is not all exploring for you this time. Though the first part of Exmo review we did dedicate to the explanation, rules, and limits, the end of our article is marked with pleasant gifts like a cashback and etc. We can confirm that we were also surprised by the cashback on 10 BTC up to 3,000 BTC transactions, ranging from 10% up to 60%. The credited money will be shown up on a balance among the first days of the following month.


In fact, another special feature of the platform is the security the founders are proud to tell about. However, it is safe to say the api keys, AML policy, google authenticator, will do a power of good to the bona fide clients, others would enlarge the range of people with frozen profiles or the suspect list if they have shown any form of the service illegitimate use. They make their reports to the police and different relevant authorities without prior notice. If you said yes to the exchange, then our congratulations, because you are in good hands.

aml policy on exmo


Despite that we detailed everything in relation to our experience, knowledge connecting the Exmo exchange, and this is maybe its most comprehensive review, we advise checking the users’ feedback, with a greater focus on the negative side first and foremost. As when you’ll face troubles, regarding the cash out operations or balance reduced to zero by no evident reason, you will have to run such a situation on your own.