Guide to Buying Bytom

Another cryptocurrency with the craziest mission story! All starts with an idea. A group of like-minded people from China decided to live out the Digital Finance World. And Chang Jia (a bitcoin writer) and his co-founder Duan XinXing (OKCoin Vice President) created Bytom, now with the 28th rank and Market Cap of $593.99 M USD – that is the interactive protocol of digital and indigenous digital currency assets – and use it as a tool for their purpose. We will keep you updated.

buy bytom guide

And now 8 things we have learned about Bytom, after having visited the website, it features:

  • ODIN
  • “Segregated Witness”
  • POW
  • Enhanced flexibility of trading
  • BIP32, BIP43 and BIP441 protocols
  • Cross-chain asset transactions
  • Made in accordance with National Encryption Standard
  • The UTXO Design of Bitcoin compatible

Each characteristic opens us up about the crypto special peculiarities, extending the boundaries of your powers, like supporting multi-currency, -account, -address, -key with HD wallets, and many more.

Get Bytom Wallet

Now we are going to share exciting news with you about Bytom Wallets in particular: MyEtherWallet, Trezor, MetaMask, Ethereum Mist Dapp, Ledger. Through an example, we will provide a bit by bit instruction of how to avail of your personal wallet address for storing your BTM (short for Bytom), sharing some exclusive details useful for beginners.

  1. follow a link –
  2. password: create, keep it always in mind, enter
  3. create new wallet
  4. get and back up Keystore File
  5. Receive your wallet key (Save)
  6. Use your keystore file and the password to open the wallet
  7. Find ‘Your Address’ – the shown string of letters with numbers

This is a way to deal with it.
get bytom wallet

Acquiring BTM on an Exchange

While BTM will be available for buying with e-wallets or cash later, we’ve got another product, altcoins, we want to suggest for exchanging to the coins. Think you understand how to do it? Think again. We are here to supply you with the complete guide.

Buy Bitcoin or Ether at First

buy btm with etherLet start talking about a platform for purchasing Bytom that would be your favorite. We have and Localbitcoins in mind, which are as reputable as the matter demands.

What else should be done? Register with, get ETH to buy BTM. Our team has got a lot to think about alternatives. Other altcoins like DOGE, LTC, USDT on the rest exchange platforms answer your interests as well.

Transfer BTC/ETH to Bytom Coins

You got the thing that you wanted but it is still not an end, which is one of the easiest things to come to the realization – transferring BTC/ETH to BTM. Exploring more of exchanges, you are going to start following the common steps:

  1. Create a new account
  2. Get a BTC wallet address
  3. Send Bitcoins
  4. Trade Bitcoins with Bytom

Withdraw Cryptocoin on a Private Wallet

bytom walletWe should confess you do may want to withdraw the money, from where it had previously been stored. Do you have a desire of trading or simply holding Bytom? You have this paragraph to kind of help you choosing between hardware, desktop or software. 

Besides there are mobile, web or even paper wallets, which would provide a place for your cryptocoins. Don’t hope that everything will end up well by itself. You need to come to their diversity, terms, options, special features with a lot of the issues.

Alternative – Go to CFD Broker

buy btm with cfd brokersPeople continue to speak about what the newbies problems are: “The stress, depression and poor awareness that some feel sometimes — it is frustrating — but we think you then don’t have to trade by yourself. If the things keep going that way, it would have been much easier if you hire a good CFD broker to trade for you.

Do you get the point, you know? All of the feelings of discredit are a non-thing of what we assume would have been if you apply for an advice to the financial conduct authorities. For example, in Europe, such brokers have deposit protection to offer their clients, their credibility continues to grow and grow.

Despite the fractured scheme, new crypto-fans have nothing but kind options to avail of.

You should know this is imperative to find somebody who are prepared for traffic spikes and, who can be bright-headed to closing the trades, and most importantly, to get your crypto out before it goes zero. This is everything.