Guide to Buying EOS

We have a new mystery going with the EOS crypto coin, it revealed featuring a scalable, flexible decentralized system. Its advantage is that it directly connects users of Dapps providers. These users may run any commercial or industrial decentralized apps by themselves, no third parties would be involved. The question of safety comes up, doesn’t it? The process of any information transfer is done with a help of special protocols… and unlike others it takes no fee for that.

how to buy eos

But as the protocols are trustless, Dan Larimer, the creator of the platform, had to think different putting the security aspect first. Acting like software, the Ethernet over Sonnet (EOS) uses the consensus algorithm called Digital Proof of Stake (DPOS) granting that only EOS users vote for block producers.

You will get any further information about that and more in the next 5 paragraphs. Also, viewers will learn more about the mystery EOS investors who have found the ways to buy the coin already.

Set up EOS Wallets

get eos walletThroughout the buy guide, you’ll see, the process features a web wallet, which should be compatible with our coin. As an ERC-20 token, it can be kept in many wallets including MyEtherWallet. It seemed easy, until you start opening a new wallet.

In the present, we are not accidentally revealed, which steps and measures should be taken primarily: go to, form up your wallet, download your keystore file, press a button to continue, save your address, to retrieve the wallet address – use your password.

But, like in real life, when you are making up the encryption key, which is a password for your private key, you know it, but eventually one forgets it. That leads to the loss of the wallet and funds on it.

As we never want our readers to be in any kind of situation — we advise listen to the platforms’ rules and our tips, to be able to move forward. Herewith, keep a backup of all important files on a USB or flash drive, and a copy on a computer.

Use Fiat for Buying EOS Coins

It’s been 7 months since EOS crypto chart topper began operating on the market. While the promotion of the new currency is still going, there is no way buying it with fiat. Now we want to give you the latest update on the progress. We revealed at least 5 platforms where you can straightly buy altcoins to later exchange the money on EOS coins.

Exchange Payment Methods Fees
Visa, MasterCard, altcoins
Credit cards, altcoins
Credit/Debit Cards, SEPA
3.9% + $0.25
No fees

Purchase EOS Crypto on the Trading Platform

buy eos on an exchangeIt has been difficult for our team and it’s been a lot of study, but no matter what, our readers come first. We’ve been through many platforms, and every single time — I mean if you read our reviews, you would know — every time we go through something as or Localbitcoins, we always come out a hundred times efficient.

Here is the quick manual on purchasing EOS on reputable trading platforms we’ve been so thankful for:

  • Go to the chosen exchange website: Localbitcoins, CEX
  • Create a profile
  • Make an exchange your crypto on EOS

Honestly, we’re more of a Localbitcoins person, but some like, and so we usually go there. We know, you may also use DOGE, LTC, USDT for the exchange.

Swap Your Cryptocurrency for EOS

It means one should swap the money for the coin. So that, you should finish registering to come over to your exchange. Find a pair or pairs and complete the process. Otherwise, not finding the needed one, look for the platform for your crypto where EOS and your crypto are available.

Takeaway or Keep Trading

Take time to get to know the market. On the question whether you should take it away or keep trading the coin, we met different thoughts, it depends on your goals. If you plan to get the benefit fast, don’t hesitate and continue trading. But if you believe in the higher growth of the EOS price, now it is +/-$5.5, you may store it in any cold wallet for a while. To figure the decision out, you may read more of experts’ thoughts on the point.