Review of HitBTC

hitbtc review

In an effort to minimize any further speculation, we’ve decided to review HitBTC. This decision was made when we found out that there is no info about this exchange. Today we answer on the HitBTC trading, accompanied fees, follow-up limits, safety guarantees in a complete write-up of the exchange benefits and drawbacks. If you look forward to continuing experimenting with crypto currencies, it has a great deal of them. Above everything, it is friendly to people who are into creating trade bots, due to their API’s.

Pros and Cons

Alert: There’s no such thing for newbies or pros as too many data. Regardless if you’re a new user or member already, chances are you want to know the exchange inside out.

While there’s no denying the pluses: it has a user-friendly site; “trollbox”; supports a high level security by checking clients; asking for verification of the fiat in/out transactions in USD/EUR; REST API, plus FIX API, these application building protocols, and demo mode, some close to the exchange have their doubts that it would truly work well forever.

Especially, after it’s hacked in 2015, such minuses – the complex verification system, a lack of the mobile app, negative feedback – explode the reputation.

Trading on HitBTC

Instead of arguing round and round this subject, we prepared the HitBTC tutorial on trading, guiding your every move. Find the page “Exchange” with buy/sell, available orders’ options and get the things done! To clarify the details, talk to other users/traders, the above mentioned Trollbox feature is available.

The HitBTC members are especially taking the advantage of the stop/limit/additional order types features when they make trades. If you aren’t familiar with orders which can be the market, and good-till-date/time, or -canceled, the order called fill-or-kill, immediate-or-cancel one, day, the kinds are something you come to accept.

review of hitbtc


Here’s what you know to pay fees. Tell others that what you need to do are to give away 0.1% as a fee if you are one of the “Takers”. “Makers” don’t pay any charge AND get the 0.01% rebate out of the trade.

Limits and Account Verification

All the details about restrictions regarding and not your account authorization if you want to add FIAT on the balance, from address, bank account data, identity document copy, to the proof of the residence and bank account ownership, look in the list of the HitBTC verification statuses below.

  • #1 General: no transactions with FIAT; up to EUR 5,000 of the withdrawal amount; no limit on deposits.
  • #2 Verified: FIAT limits are $/€2,000, $/€10,000 per week/month; up to EUR 25,000 of the withdrawal sum; no limit on inputs.
  • #3 Qualified: FIAT limits are $/€10,000, $/€50,000 per week/month; up to EUR 25,000+ of the withdrawal sum; no limit on inputs.

Market-Making Contracts

Thinking that now is our time to investigate, then reveal the choice of Market Maker dealings? They’re filled in with a focus on individuals, who are familiar with such activities together with the market inspection. Existing agreements vary according to sizes of funds invested, it is something between 1 BTC to 1,000 BTC, from XS to XL.

It’s also said it wouldn’t be “too early” to talk about the buy and also sell sums, required from users — a percentage for some period/s. When such demands are met, each Market Maker has the opportunity to gain bonuses together with rebates.

Security Options

Normally people prefer doing that privately, however given that this industry can’t resist a chance to hit soft spots like the unencrypted email. Herewith, we want you to pass the 2-factor authentication. When you make a withdrawal, you’ll be asked to confirm your email to proceed. To tell the truth, the data within the site travels encrypted as HTTPS is available on the site. Whatever else is not directly from our experts, is someone’s fictional advice. Above all, we and HitBTC company ask you to make the auto log out at fixed by you times.

brief review of hitbtc


The HitBTC shares above 150 trading pairs, comprising the ICO tokens and futures. It is a perfect opportunity for members of the European-based, 5th largest by 24-hour trade volume exchange, to perform basic transactions such as a crypto-to-crypto, even without the account, on which we insist though. As the story is coming to the end, you’ll be also treated with the low fees.