Guide to Buying Dash

It’s the era of crypto currencies. Anonymous, decentralized, profitable… It’s just a few advantages of using the digital money as you know. Today there exist dozens of variants of crtypto to trade. Everyone has heard about Bitcoins or Ethereum. Anyway, the industry becomes tougher because of new variations of the crypto appeared on the market. Herewith, Dash is on the topic. Here we’ll investigate the currency in details, check the places to buy and sell it, overview wallets to use and just find out what is its superiority over other popular digital cash.

buy dash

Here is some facts about the company to get in. It’s the largest and fast growing open-source P2P network that was launched in 2014. The broker counts over 4,500 servers hosted around the globe to provide really fast work 24/7. What’s more, they assure your privacy and security. Dash’s the biggest advantage at all and over other e-money is that you can spend it anywhere and for anything including your everyday items.

You can use Darkcoin (or also known as Xcoin) for making instant and absolutely private payments online or in-store. Due to incentivization there are over 4,100 masternodes around the world along with InstantSend, all payments are proceeded within one second. It speaks volumes. Also, it’s known for its built-in PrivateSend feature that enables tracking from the start to the end of the operations. All transactions are safe and confirmed by 200 TerraHash of X11 ASIC computing power.

Get a Wallet First

Anyway, there will be no profit till you open your Dash wallet. It’s the only way to send, receive and store the DRK. Thanks god, you have 3 variants of the software to choose from: hardware, desktop and mobile. Each kind has lots of variations to choose from, by the way. Below you will find the details.

Let’s start from the most popular type. Among Desktop wallets you will see such names as:

  • Dash Core Wallet
  • Electrum-Dash
  • Jaxx
  • Exodus

They can be installed on various OS of different versions. Overview each in the consecutive order. The first one (we’re about Dash Core) is the most convenient and it’s available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Raspberry Pi. What’s more, Dash Core supports all features: PrivateSend, InstantSend, masternode, governance and even voting.

desktop wallets for dash

The next one is also popular type for your PC/laptop. Electrum-Dash is light and indexes all transaction on the Dash blockhcain, secures the keys on your computer. It uses SPV (Secure Payment Verification) technique to verify the operations. The drawback is that InstantSend and PrivateSend are not supported here. You can also use Jaxx or multi-asset wallet Exodus via desktop. Both hasn’t access to your funds and doesn’t hold them. All keys are created on your device only. Pay attention to the fact they’re limited in features in comparison with the previous wallets. The built-in ShapeShift is in favour of the second wallet.

There are TREZOR, KeepKey or Ledger wallets that are of hardware type. They are good to make simple DRK transactions through a web. It is Security Devices that store your keys to save and protect your wallet from frauds, hacker attacks and thefts.

Mobile wallets are available for iOS and Android gadgets (phones/tablets) providing different features. Wallets for Apple can be downloaded on iTunes, when for Android ones can be found on the PlayMarket. Both OS supports Jaxx with multiple currencies available including DRK pairs. Owners of iOS devices can use Dash Wallet by The Dash Foundation with all advanced features offered. Users of the Android can also use Dash Wallet by Hash Engineering Solutions with full pack of features and Coinomi is at your fingertips.

Buy with Credit/Debit Cards and Trading Pairs

buy dash with credit cardDash is widely accepted, that’s why there exist many pairs both DASH/national currencies and DASH/digital money. Herewith, you can easily trade BTC for DASH, or exchange EUR for DASH, USD for DASH, etc. CEX.IO, Kraken, HitBTC, Liqui, CoinEx, Binance, LiteBit, Bitfinex, Coincheck, Bittrex, Qryptos and many other exchange platforms are at your disposal for trading for Dash and other crypto as well.

There’re a lot of cryptocurrency exchanges where you can easily convert fiat money into the digital coins, or exchange between various crypto. What’s more, it’s possible by means of using such widespread payment methods as Debit/Credit Cards.

Direct Purchase

buy dash directlyThere’re several services that facilitate buying Dash directly and such sale as single deals or OTC (over-the-counter) on a rate agreed in advance and with the help of bulk suppliers at a markup over the market rate.

Take to notice that the majority of such exchanges don’t accept the national currencies, only crypto ones. Keep in mind that buyers and seller determines the market price by putting the bid. It means that leverage trades and other forces are at play. Dash Nearby, Dashous, Changelly, Bitnovo, QCashPay, WeSellCrypto, Bitpanda, Cryptobuyer, Uphold, Liberalcoins, CoinBR, etc. are in the brokers list for direct purchasing.

No matter what method you choose credit/debit cards or direct buying, etc., don’t forget to withdraw DASH to your own wallet. If you leave the coins on the exchange, the risk that somebody will steal them or they will be lost is extremely high. So, the purchase will be considered successful, only when Dash reaches your wallet.


buy dash at atmAutomatic Teller Machines is another popular way of trading emoney including DASH. Especially it applies to business. Today there are lots of ATMs that accept DASH.

Feel free use services like Coin ATM Radar, TigoCTM, General Bytes and Trovemat to find a solution for selling crypto near you. It’s available either to sell on-site or even from a physical device.