Guide to Buying Ripple

What’s Ripple or XRP? Though this token is one of the largest cryptocurrencies on the net and it’s on the market within 14 years already, it’s become extremely popular recently. Now it’s the 2nd most valuable digital currency with the headquarters in San Francisco and offices around the world (about 100+ customers).

guide to buying ripple

The XRP has been released in 2012 by a private, for-profit company. That is still considered to be the biggest individual owner of the crypto. Unlike with such widespread digital currencies as Bitcoins or Ethereum, it’s not so easy to buy the Ripple coin. Why so? Just because it’s not in the list in the popular apps. Anyway, we know where it’s available. What’s more, we’re going to share the ways of buying the token with you in the article. So with that, keep reading.

Buying on an Exchange

buy xrp on an exchangeXRP handles about 1,500 transactions per second. You can buy Ripple coins with a fiat currency (EUR, USD, etc.) as well as use other crypto for that (LTC, BTC, ETH, etc.). Bitstamp, CEX.IO, Bitso, Coincheck, Kraken, CoinOne, Bitsane, Korbit, Qryptos, LikeBit, Bitbank, and other exchanges are at your disposal for trading Ripple even with the U.S. dollars. Yes, pay attention, that though the easiest way to get the token is to do that with USD, only some platforms support the option.

If you are a customer of any above-mentioned platforms, you can use your account, pass the verification and choose to buy or sell option. Otherwise, you need to register on the exchange site you prefer. Depending on the company, you can purchase XRP via e-wallets as well as credit cards. Keep reading and we’re going to observe each method available in details.

Buy Ripple with Other Crypto

buy xrp with cryptocurrencyInvestigating the Ripple community, we’ve found the least expensive way of purchasing the Ripple. It turned out to be a trading of BTC for XRP. Whereupon, you can use Bitcoins on the specific exchanges for the purpose.

As we have already told, LTC and ETH are other popular currencies for buying the token. In case you have any of the digital money, feel free to use them to profit.

Buy XRP with PayPal or Other E-Wallets

buy xrp with e-walletTime is money. Therefore, let’s check the next method out. You can use various e-wallets for buying/selling Ripple. Such popular and widespread payments as PayPal is in the list, by the way. The advantage of the method is that it’s the fastest way to trade Ripple coins. That’s thanks to all transactions are held online.

Here’s a step-by-step instruction to do that smoothly:

  • Open “Buy and Sell” section and pick an option, depending on what you want.
  • Choose the currency – it’s Ripple Coin in the case.
  • Select the method PayPal or another ewallet you used to.
  • Pick the currency to deal with (e.g. USD).

After that you will get the details about the transaction, timeframes and the possibility to communicate with the seller/buyer to complete the operation successfully.

Buying with Credit Card

buy xrp with credit cardOne more popular way today is buying XRP using your Credit Card just like other digital currency. To do that you need to choose the exchange where you have your Ripple wallet or register there. After that choose the operation, pick the currency and enter the address and your credit card details. Any action is to be confirmed. There are two ways for that. The first variant is a verification via SMS. It’s easy and clear. Provide your phone number and get 4-digit code to enter. If it’s not happen there is an alternative.

It’s a verification via video. Here you need a camera on your smartphone/tablet/PC/laptop/etc. You’re to record the video where you hold the passport with your picture. You must get the code within 15 minutes after sending the video. This way is a little bit longer. The transaction is to be processed in 5-30 minutes. Get ready the process can take more time, if you buy Ripple coins for the first time. It’s due to the company verifies all your data provided to eliminate the risks of frauds.

Withdraw Your XRP to Your Wallet

withdraw xrpHave bought XRP? The next step is to withdraw crypto into your Ripple wallet. It’s just a must-do. Yes, it’s really not a good idea to leave the coins on the exchange. It even doesn’t matter where you’ve got them from, or how trusted the website seems to be and what method you used for that.

See, when buying the Ripple on any platform, the private key for the currency is not under your control. Therefore, it’s not actually yours. It’s the very reason to withdraw the coins into your wallet, isn’t it? It’s because of you hold all the private keys of your wallets. So with that, only when you get a confirmation of the transaction, you can take it easy, because you’ve bought Ripple successfully.

When choosing the exchange and a way to trade any cryptocurrency as well as XRP, pay attention to the safety. It’s always the first thing to check to avoid scams and, thus, losing money. One more point to overview is the fees applied to the transaction. The charges can be taken as by the companies, so by the bank methods.