Guide to Buying Waves

The coin was born in 2016! Read the crypto experts first-ever review of the Waves. It’s been 2 years since Aleksandr Ivanov launched the crowdfunding platform, the Waves – and what fruitful development time it has been. Since 2017, the СEO and founder started the join blockchain based project with the Russian Party of Growth; began to function in the cloud computing platform, Microsoft Azure; and was integrated into the Lite Client piece of software, for users, aiming at sending transactions with trusted remote, full, and light nodes; over 22k tokens have been released by 2018.

Waves Graph

Where to Purchase Waves

Where to Buy WavesNot only can you buy the crypto on DEX, Waves decentralized exchange: Waves client, but it is also currently available on major cryptocurrency exchanges. The coin is widely popular. Indeed it does. You can choose any of 3 ways of its purchasing, you then can choose a form of payment – with fiat, another cryptos or a credit card.

Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges

So its popularity began to grow, so did the ways to buy it, including the trusted centralized cryptocurrency exchanges as the alternative to its DEX. Check Exmo, Binance, HitBTC, where you have to register to make any manipulations.

Waves Decentralized Exchange

From USD, EUR, CNY to BTC, ETH, Litecoin, through its native platform called DEX, you can get any amount of the money, too. Transfer fiat or any digital currency to the Waves wallet and make a deal. It means a whole set of payment options will be available for the buyers since that.

Waves Client

In the light of the things, Waves Client is expected to be reviewed – and then to be used – like for paying with credits or fiat currencies. And as far as newbies are interested, that’s not difficult. Returning to the Client, which you had to download, your money will immediately reach the wallet with a help of the credit card service, Indacoin.

Possible Methods of Buying

Waves - Buying MethodsOver 2 years, Waves coin only continued to develop. The options went on to show up, so now you can use multiple methods.

Buy with Fiat (Credit Card, Cash, Paypal)

Focusing more on fiat, you appeared to use the Waves Client. Pass through SEPA, the verification process, by entering the required personal information. You’ll then receive a 4-digit code to confirm a purchase. And things are done.

Get with Cryptocurrency

Still, acquiring it with another crypto but BTC is an easy solution. You may use DEX or another exchange to get Waves by simply finding the interested pair, however, do not hold the money on the centralized platform as being not safe.

Step-by-step Guide for Buying Waves

Waves Digital WalletIt looks like the crypto is ready to cope with the market needs, isn’t it? Take a look at the step-by-step guide, including the alternatives, recommendations and comments below to make your own purchase!

Creating Waves Digital Wallet

You should form up the wallet on its platform first. By picking the “Get Waves” option, you will be required to present your address, a 8-character password, your avatar. And before proceeding any further, we insist on a back up as when you lose your wallet, you then may restore it with a 15-word phrase, the SEED.

Buying Waves Coin

Well, which way is you most excited to use for buying Waves? Take a look at the expected options – enter an amount of the coins, confirmation and finish the transaction.

Crypto Purchase Risks

Waves are sensitive to secondary activity as well as highly volatile, but these are not the only things to draw your attention. Besides the risks, it possesses potential advantages. Let’s take a glance at the main characteristics to get the full insight:

  • Supply – 1m WAVES
  • No inflation
  • Distribution up to 100 addresses
  • The transaction cost – 0.001 WAVE


With the 23th ranking of Waves, and the market cap of $396.26m, no limit transactions, smart contracts, fiat gateways; the coin future at the crypto market remains to be seen, but it has promised to be prominent as it seems.